Doomsday Survival Kit List: Items You’ll Need for the End of the World

Preppers and survivalists shouldn’t be the only ones earnestly reading this guide on how to create a doomsday survival kit list. With everything going on around the world, perhaps it’s time all of us started stocking up on everything from crossbows to rolls of toilet paper.

The prepping realm has actually been around since the advent of the atomic bombs. But now, thanks to the pandemics, climate change, and constant threats of nuclear wars, the idea has been once again, thrust into the mainstream.

Thankfully, there’s still time for you to prepare for the unexpected by creating the ultimate end of the world emergency kit for yourself and your family.

And Don’t Have Just One Doomsday Preppers Kit List

The Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends that everyone have at least one cache of end of world survival gear.

Any true prepper, however, knows you should always go the extra step and put together at least two kits. The first doomsday preppers kit list will be kept at home. The second one, preferably an end of the world bug out bag, should either stay in your car or at work.

None of us know where we’ll be when a catastrophe ever strikes. These extra packages will allow you to cover more bases. At the end of the article, I’ll also include a list-form of the “end of the world survival checklist” you can print for easier access. The list includes items I couldn’t fit into this guide (you can only have so many words in a single article, right?)

Without further ado, let’s get into this.

The Ultimate End Of The World Survival Kit

Besides being a survivalist myself, I also reviewed recommendations from various experts and organizations to compile this comprehensive list of things you should pack in an end times survival kit.

1. Water

Plan on a gallon of water per person per day. The amount of water you pack should also account for potential spillage, bathing needs, as well as sanitation (washing plates and stuff.) I’d also recommend dividing your water stock into several distinct containers, like collapsible bottles that shrink to save space when empty, hard plastic Nalgene bottles, and military canteens (great for boiling water.)

2. A LifeStraw

doomsday survival kit list
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Of course, it’s practically impossible to pack all the amount of water you’ll need to survive in the long term. You’ll need to find sources of water and purify along the way.

With that in mind, accessible water purification methods in emergencies include chemicals, filtration, and boiling. Anyone’s best bet is to have access to two of these, at least. Boiling is quite time-consuming, so have it as your backup. Your go-to option should be a mechanical filtration system in your end of the world survival kit list. A LifeStraw is your best bet.

3. Food

You’ll need food that can last you (and anyone you’re with) for at least two weeks. Most experts suggest going for freeze-dried and MRE solutions (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) like Mountain House. These options have sufficient calories that’ll keep you alive long enough until either help arrives, or you reach safety.

Another huge advantage of these foods is they’re lightweight and portable, making them perfect for evacuation scenarios. I recommend getting your food items in packages you can pack into your end of the world bug out bag or car quickly (if your doomsday survival kit list isn’t pre-packed.)

4. Shelter

end of the world survival kit
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In addition to water and food, you’ll also need a formidable shelter option to keep you safe from the elements. In truly society-upending scenarios, you may also need to stay safe from rival tribes either seeking your precious resources (or in worse case scenarios, your body for food.)

What’s more? Note that staying in your home may not be an option. That’s particularly true if you live in an urban area with dwindling supplies but millions of mouths to feed. A bunker is your best option, and it should be (at least) partly belowground, well-provisioned with everything in this list, and fortified from security breaches.

If a bunker isn’t an option, a cabin or cave a long way from populated regions should do.

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5. An End Of The World Bug Out Bag

emergency bug out bag
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Storing everything in your doomsday survival kit list will require a proper bag (also known as a get-out-of-dodge bag, a 72-hour bag, an evac bag, or an end of the world bug out bag.) These bags are self-contained kits filled with all the essentials you’ll need to survive the first 72 hours after the calamity strikes.

The end of the world bug out bag can include obvious items, such as food and water, as well as less obvious items like knives and fire starters.

Regarding the kind of bag you ought to consider as your end of the world bug out bag, I recommend a backpack. Backpacks free up your hands, allowing you to climb up steep canyons or ravines, or in a worst-case scenario, sucker punch a walking dead.

What’s more? In emergencies, having a sturdy end of the world bug out bag, like a backpack that you can quickly “grab and go”, allows you to evacuate at a moment’s notice. It’ll keep you alive for several days until help arrives, or until you reach safety. I’d also suggest finding others who can join you in seeking refuge.

6. Communication

This may sound obvious, but ensure your cell phones are packed. Chances are cell towers will still work shortly after the catastrophe (unless it’s the worst-case disaster.) Also, ensure you pack at least two additional charging systems, plus a hand-cranked or solar charger and battery.

Better yet, pack hand-cranked emergency radios as these tend to include flashlights and built-in batteries you can use to charge your communication gadgets. And if you’re dedicated to going the extra step, get a satellite phone, like those designed by Iridium.

7. Self-Defence

doomsday survival kit list
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Odds are that people will keep it together for the short term. However, once water supplies and food sources start getting depleted, chances are civility will quickly transform into desperation. Once things inevitably get too bad, you’ll need a way you can defend yourself.

Fixed-blade knives are great starting points because they serve multiple purposes. Unfortunately, they’ll require you to be sufficiently trained (and hopefully confident) to wield as weapons. Other preppers prefer weapons that are more stealthy and compact, like .357 revolvers or handguns.

Beyond that, your preferred self-defense weapon will be up to you.

8. The Right Clothing

Like your self-defense weapon options, clothing will be a matter of personal preference. No matter your preferences, though, you’ll need to think like backcountry hikers. That implies dressing in layers, so at a bare minimum, include the following in your end of the world survival kit:

  • One waterproof or water-resistant insulated jacket
  • One military-grade survival poncho
  • Two pairs of hiking socks
  • Waterproof hiking boots (ensure you’ve already broken them in)
  • One warm hat
  • One rain jacket
  • One mid-weight fleece pullover
  • Two mid-weight shirts
  • One base thermal layer
  • Two pairs of underwear
  • Two pairs of pants

As you may have noticed, you can mix and match everything I’ve included above to stay warm in the most frigid regions and stay comfy and cool in warm climates.

9. Rope

“You’ll wish you had it if you haven’t got it.” I don’t know who said that, but I know that the sentiment holds true in end of the world survival situations as well. The uses of a rope are practically endless. You may need it to set up snare traps to catch rabbits or use it to tie your meals above ground and away from the reach of animals.

My favorite use of ropes in doomsday survival situations is using them to tie up hammocks to stay off the cold ground. The bottom line is, you never know what use a long strong rope will have, until you need it at the end of the world.

10. First Aid Supplies

Survival Emergency Kit Items And Their Uses: With Pictures
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Any guide on the end of the world emergency kit items would be incomplete without a mention of first aid supplies. After the proverbial what not hits the fan, the last thing you’ll want is to watch someone lose their life from something as simple as an infected splinter wound in your finger.

To help prevent any minor cuts or scrapes from transforming into life-threatening injuries, pick an already-packed first aid kit. Ensure the one you pick has a variety of loose gauze and bandages as well as pain relievers and other prescription medications.

11. A Camping Stove With Gas

I know you think that you’re sufficiently stocked with ready-to-eat meals as I mentioned earlier. That said, once in a while, you’ll want to prepare a hot bowl of soup or oatmeal. Or you may need to sterilize equipment to perform emergency surgery after a zombie bite.

Whatever the case, you’ll need compact stoves that run on a wide array of liquid fuels. Oh, and remember to pick several extra fuel bottles while at it.

12. Established Meeting Points

Every household needs a detailed plan for things everyone is expected to do in emergencies, including doomsday-worthy ones. A great example of these details is an established meeting point that is familiar to everyone and easy to find.

Also worth noting, write all these details down and stow printed copies in every family member’s end of the world bug out bags. This is the easiest way to ensure no one forgets.

13. Copies Of All Your Essential Documents In Waterproof Containers

doomsday survival kit list
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Make copies of your bank account records, insurance policies, driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, passports, birth certificates, and any other essential documents you may have. Next, store them in Ziploc bags or any other waterproof containers. These documents may come in handy in the early days of the catastrophe or once you reach safety.

What’s more? Keep all your document folders in your end of the world bug out bag so you don’t have to scramble for them if the catastrophe requires you to leave in a hurry.

14. Baby Supplies, Like Infant Formula

Does your family include little ones? Then you’ll need to devote an entire end of the world bug out bag to supplies for the young ones. Get everything, from clothing, blankets, and baby wipes, to diapers, baby food, and baby wipes.

15. Local Maps

Survival Emergency Kit Items And Their Uses: With Pictures Fun Things To Do After A Hike
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Here is a test. Try shutting your eyes for a second and imagining your city’s or neighborhood’s map in your head. I tried it, but getting it all right was near dang impossible. To stay prepared for anything and anywhere, get paper copies of local maps and keep them inside your end of the world bug out bag.

They’ll come in handy once cellphone services die and you cannot navigate your surroundings using GPS.

16. Garbage Bags

In an aftermath of a catastrophe, chances are modern plumbing won’t work and you might have to improvise. Even worse, garbage pickups will be highly unlikely. So, if you believe that proper sanitation is essential, ensure you’ve parked sufficient garbage bags to dispose of waste.

17. Any Special Needs

Remember, every doomsday preppers kit list will look different. People have different special needs, so ensure the contents of your end of the world emergency kit list perfectly represents those of your family. Think contact lenses, extra glasses, any special prescription medications, and more.

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The End Of The World Survival Checklist

Here is a checklist you can print. It features every item in this end of the world doomsday survival kit list, and more.

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Fire-Starter Kit
  • Flashlight
  • Multi-Tool
  • Hand Crank Radio
  • Watch
  • Weapons (Guns and Ammo)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Water Filtration System
  • MREs
  • Clothes For All Seasons
  • Knife Sharpener
  • Bug Repellent
  • Securing Personal Identification
  • Baby Wipes
  • Tampons
  • Tooth Care Products
  • Coffee
  • Batteries
  • Lip Balm (anyone that has endured the blasting furnace winds of a desert or the cold arctic air knows the importance of lip balm)
  • Money (you never know)
  • Twine or rope
  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Water
  • A Multi-tool
  • Maps
  • Basic Cooking Equipment, like a pan
  • Earplugs
  • Sunglasses
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Bar Soap
  • Travel Toothpaste and Toothbrush
  • Whistle
  • Paper and Several Pencils
  • Metal Stakes (for your end times survival kit tent)
  • Durable Work Gloves
  • Paracord
  • Duct Tape
  • Zip ties
  • Headlamps
  • Camouflage coat
  • Potassium Iodide
  • Camping stove with gas
  • A Pulaski Axe (you can never go wrong with a long handle and a strong blade)
  • A LifeStraw
  • Water Purifying Tablets
  • Mylar Blanket (These lightweight, space blankets reduce heat loss by reflecting a wearer’s warmth back to their bodies)
  • Lightweight Rain Gear
  • Copies of all your important documents
  • Baby Supplies Like Baby Wipes and diapers

Final Word – End Of The World Doomsday Survival Kit List

As Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until doomsday comes knocking.” Yeah, I know, he didn’t say those words exactly, but you get what I mean. “Staying prepared” for a world-ending catastrophe has quickly transitioned from a joke around family dinners to a real-world necessity.

With that in mind, I hope this doomsday preppers kit list has brought you closer to that reality.

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