The 10 Colleges in America with the Lowest Graduation Rate

The allure of college life often lies in the promise of a brighter future, a stepping stone to success and achievement. However, not all colleges offer the same prospects. A critical measure of a college’s effectiveness is its graduation rate – a low rate can be a red flag indicating various underlying issues, from poor academic support to lack of resources. Based on graduation rates, here are the ten colleges in America that might not provide the best educational experience.

American InterContinental University

22 May 2005 the main front of the campus at the HKUST
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With a graduation rate of only 19.5%, American InterContinental University ranks at the bottom. This alarmingly low figure raises questions about the quality of education and student support offered by the institution.

Baker College

Baker College
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Baker College has a graduation rate of 23.4%, suggesting that a significant number of students do not complete their education. This statistic could reflect on the college’s academic environment and student engagement strategies.

Benedict College

Benedict College
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Benedict College, with a graduation rate of 23.9%, faces challenges in steering its students to graduation. This low rate may hint at deeper issues within the college’s academic or administrative framework.

Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs

Colorado Technical University
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A graduation rate of 24.2% puts Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs among the colleges with the least success in graduating their students. It’s a concerning statistic that might deter potential visitors and students.

CUNY Medgar Evers College

CUNY University
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CUNY Medgar Evers College has a graduation rate of 24.5%. As part of the City University of New York system, this figure is particularly disappointing, highlighting potential shortcomings in fulfilling its educational mission.

University of Phoenix, Arizona

University of Phoenix
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With a graduation rate of 26.9%, the University of Phoenix in Arizona struggles to see its students through to degree completion. This institution has faced criticism over the years for various operational aspects, and this rate adds to its challenges.

Cameron University

Cameron University
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Also at a 26.9% graduation rate, Cameron University’s performance in ensuring student success is below par. This statistic might reflect the need for better student support systems and academic resources.

Wayland Baptist University

Wayland Baptist University
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At Wayland Baptist University, the graduation rate is a slightly higher 27.6%, but still far from ideal. This figure raises concerns about the college’s ability to support its students academically and professionally.

Georgia Gwinnett College

Gwinnett College
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Georgia Gwinnett College has a graduation rate of 27.9%. While it is a relatively new institution, this rate indicates that it has significant room for improvement in fostering student success.

University of Maine at Augusta

University of Maine Augusta
Photo Credit: University of Maine Augusta.


Rounding out the list is the University of Maine at Augusta, with a graduation rate of 28.9%. As the only institution from Maine on this list, it reflects specific challenges in achieving its educational goals.

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