15+ Fun and Festive Bonfire Night Activities For Adults

Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, is a British tradition celebrated on November 5th to commemorate the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605. It’s a night of fireworks, bonfires, and delicious food that is enjoyed by people of all ages.

While Bonfire Night is often associated with children and families, there are plenty of fun and festive activities that adults can enjoy too. So whether you’re an adventurous type who loves to explore the outdoors, a socialite who enjoys hosting parties, or a couple looking for a romantic night under the stars, there’s something for everyone on Bonfire Night.

With all that in mind, in today’s blog post, we’ll explore 15+ fun and festive Bonfire Night activities that are perfect for adults who love the great outdoors. From traditional activities like watching a fireworks display and making a bonfire to more adventurous options like night hiking and kayaking, there’s plenty of ways to celebrate Bonfire Night like a true outdoor enthusiast.

So, grab your warmest coat and a mug of hot cocoa, and let’s get started!

Traditional Bonfire Night Activities

When it comes to celebrating Bonfire Night, there are some activities that simply can’t be missed. These traditional activities have been enjoyed for centuries and are an essential part of any Bonfire Night celebration. Here are some of the top traditional Bonfire Night activities that adults can enjoy:

1. Watch Fireworks Display

Watching a fireworks display is one of the most iconic Bonfire Night activities. The bright colors and loud booms are sure to delight any spectator, and it’s a great way to get in the spirit of the holiday. Many cities and towns put on their own fireworks displays on Bonfire Night, so be sure to check out what’s happening in your area.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even create your own fireworks display (as long as it’s legal in your area and you take all necessary safety precautions).

2. Make a Bonfire

Another traditional Bonfire Night activity is, of course, making a bonfire. Building a bonfire is a fun and exciting way to get outside and enjoy the cool autumn air. It’s a great opportunity to gather around the fire with friends and family, roast marshmallows, and tell stories.

Before building your own bonfire, be sure to check local laws and regulations, and make sure you have a safe location to build it in.

3. Traditional Bonfire Night Foods

No Bonfire Night celebration would be complete without some traditional Bonfire Night foods. From toffee apples to bangers and mash, there are plenty of delicious dishes to enjoy. Toffee apples, also known as candy apples, are a classic Bonfire Night treat.

They’re easy to make and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Bangers and mash, which consists of sausages and mashed potatoes, is another popular dish that’s perfect for a cold autumn night. Don’t forget to also serve up some warm drinks like mulled wine or hot cocoa to keep everyone warm and cozy.

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Bonfire Night Activities for Adventurous Types

For adventurous types who are looking to spice up their Bonfire Night celebration, there are plenty of exciting activities to try out. Whether you’re looking to get your adrenaline pumping with a high-energy activity or simply want to try something new, there’s something for everyone.

Here are some of the top Bonfire Night activities for adventurous types:

1. Night Hiking

If you’re feeling up for a challenge, night hiking can be a thrilling way to celebrate Bonfire Night. Exploring the outdoors at night can be a completely different experience than during the day, and it’s a great way to appreciate the beauty of the nighttime wilderness.

Just be sure to bring a good headlamp or flashlight, and always stay on marked trails.

2. Kayaking

For those who love the water, kayaking under the stars can be an unforgettable experience. Paddling in the dark can be a peaceful and serene experience, and you may even be able to spot some nocturnal wildlife. Just be sure to wear a life jacket and stick to calm waters.

3. Zipline

For a truly thrilling experience, consider going ziplining on Bonfire Night. Soaring through the air under the stars can be a rush like no other, and it’s a great way to celebrate the holiday with friends. Just be sure to choose a reputable zipline company and follow all safety guidelines.

4. Hot Air Balloon Ride

For a more peaceful and relaxing activity, consider taking a hot air balloon ride on Bonfire Night. Floating above the treetops under the glow of the bonfires can be a magical experience, and it’s a great way to see the night sky from a different perspective. Just be sure to dress warmly, as the temperatures can drop quickly at high altitudes.

These are just a few of the many adventurous Bonfire Night activities that adults can enjoy. Whether you’re looking to push your limits or simply want to try something new, there’s something for everyone.

So, strap on your hiking boots, grab your paddle, or buckle up for a thrilling ride, and get ready for a night you won’t soon forget!

Bonfire Night Activities for Socialites

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If you’re a social butterfly who loves nothing more than spending time with friends and family, there are plenty of Bonfire Night activities that are perfect for you. From cozy gatherings to lively parties, here are some of the top Bonfire Night activities for socialites:

1. Bonfire Parties

Throwing a bonfire party is a classic way to celebrate the holiday with friends and family. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows, playing games, or simply enjoying the warmth of the fire, there’s something special about spending time around the bonfire with loved ones.

You can even make it a potluck-style event and have everyone bring their favorite fall-inspired dish to share.

2. Firework Displays

Watching a stunning firework display under the stars can be a memorable and exciting way to celebrate Bonfire Night. Many cities and towns host their own displays, but you can also set off your own fireworks if it’s legal in your area. Just be sure to follow all safety guidelines and have a designated adult in charge of lighting the fireworks.

3. Hot Cocoa and Cider Tastings

As the temperatures start to drop, there’s nothing quite as cozy as sipping on a warm cup of cocoa or cider. You can make it a fun and festive activity by hosting a tasting party with friends. Have everyone bring their favorite recipe or try out some new ones together.

You can even make it a competition and have a blind taste test to determine the best one.

4. Nighttime Scavenger Hunt

For a fun and interactive activity, consider organizing a nighttime scavenger hunt. Create a list of items that can be found around the bonfire area and have teams race to find them. You can even incorporate Bonfire Night-themed items like sparklers or pumpkin-shaped decorations.

Bonfire Night Activities for Couples

Bonfire Night can be a romantic and cozy holiday for couples to spend some quality time together. If you’re looking for ideas for a romantic evening under the stars, here are some of the best Bonfire Night activities for couples:

1. Cozy Blanket and Hot Cocoa

There’s something special about snuggling up under a warm blanket with your significant other and sipping on a hot cup of cocoa. Pack a cozy blanket and some hot cocoa, find a quiet spot by the fire, and enjoy each other’s company as you take in the beautiful flames and the crisp autumn air.

2. Stargazing

On a clear night, stargazing can be a breathtaking experience. Bring a blanket, lay down together, and take in the stunning beauty of the night sky. You can even bring a stargazing app on your phone to identify constellations and planets.

3. Romantic Dinner

A romantic dinner under the stars can be a magical way to celebrate Bonfire Night with your partner. Pack a picnic basket with your favorite fall-inspired dishes and a bottle of wine, and find a cozy spot by the fire to enjoy each other’s company and the beautiful surroundings.

4. S’mores for Two

S’mores are a classic Bonfire Night treat, and they can be a romantic activity for couples as well. Toast marshmallows together and create the perfect s’mores for each other. It’s a sweet and intimate way to enjoy the warmth of the fire and each other’s company.

Bonfire Night Activities for Families

Bonfire Night is not just for adults, it’s also a great opportunity for families to come together and enjoy the holiday. Whether you have young children or teenagers, there are plenty of activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Here are some of the best Bonfire Night activities for families:

1. Bonfire Storytelling

Gather around the fire and share some spooky or funny stories with your family. You can even take turns telling stories, making it a fun and interactive activity for everyone. Just make sure to keep the stories age-appropriate for the younger children!

2. Bonfire Sing-Along

If your family enjoys singing, a bonfire sing-along can be a great activity. Bring a guitar or other musical instrument, and sing some of your favorite songs as a family. You can even learn some Bonfire Night-themed songs to get into the spirit of the holiday.

3. Firework Display

Watching fireworks is a traditional part of Bonfire Night, and it can be a fun activity for the whole family. Find a safe and appropriate place to watch the fireworks display, and enjoy the stunning colors and patterns together.

4. Marshmallow Roasting

Roasting marshmallows is a classic Bonfire Night activity that both children and adults can enjoy. Have everyone gather around the fire, toast marshmallows, and create delicious s’mores together.

5. Bonfire Night Games

There are plenty of games that can be played around the fire, such as hot potato or charades. You can also create your own Bonfire Night-themed scavenger hunt or treasure hunt for the kids to enjoy.

Alternative Bonfire Night Activities

If you’re looking to do something a little different this Bonfire Night, there are plenty of alternative activities to enjoy. Here are some unique ideas to make your Bonfire Night one to remember:

1. Glow-in-the-dark capture the flag

This fun twist on the classic game of capture the flag involves using glow-in-the-dark sticks instead of flags. You can play in a large field or park, and the glowing sticks make it easy to see who has been captured.

2. Bonfire Yoga

If you’re looking for a more peaceful Bonfire Night activity, why not try some bonfire yoga? Set up a mat or blanket near the fire, and practice some relaxing yoga poses while enjoying the warmth and glow of the flames.

3. Bonfire Art

Get creative and use the fire as inspiration for some artwork. You can use paint, chalk, or even sparklers to create unique and beautiful Bonfire Night-themed pieces.

4. Stargazing

While Bonfire Night is all about the fire, don’t forget about the stunning night sky. Find a clear and dark spot to stargaze, and see if you can spot some constellations or shooting stars.

5. Bonfire Night Hike

Take advantage of the crisp fall weather and go for a Bonfire Night hike. Make sure to bring a flashlight or headlamp, and explore the trails and woods while enjoying the warmth of the fire when you return.

These alternative Bonfire Night activities are just a few ideas to switch things up and create a memorable experience. Get creative, have fun, and enjoy the magic of the holiday in your own unique way.

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