You’ll Be Worshipped Here – 7 Countries Where Americans Are Loved the Most

Traveling as an American can be a mixed bag. In some places, you might encounter skepticism or political debates. In others, you are welcomed with open arms, vibrant smiles, and an infectious warmth that feels like home. As the global image of America evolves, there are still several countries where Americans are particularly cherished. Whether it’s due to historical ties, cultural exchanges, or simply mutual admiration, the following countries are among those where Americans are often met with exceptional hospitality.

1. Canada

Canada Canadian Flag
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Our neighbors to the north, Canadians, have always had a friendly rapport with Americans. Despite the friendly jesting and banter, Canada values its close relationship with the U.S., making Americans feel right at home amidst its stunning landscapes and cosmopolitan cities.

2. Australia

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There’s a certain camaraderie between Aussies and Americans, stemming from shared language, mutual cultural exports, and historical military alliances. Traveling through Australia, Americans often find easy-going folks ready for a chat or to offer travel recommendations.

3. Ireland

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The bond between Ireland and the U.S. is deeply rooted in history. Millions of Irish have immigrated to America over the centuries, creating a bond of kinship. When Americans set foot in Ireland, they’re often greeted as long-lost relatives, welcomed into pubs, homes, and hearts.

4. The Philippines

The Philippines
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The Philippines and the U.S. have a complex history that has transformed into a bond of mutual respect and admiration. Filipinos are renowned for their warmth and hospitality, and many view Americans as allies and friends, given the countries’ shared historical ties.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand
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Much like their Australian neighbors, Kiwis share a strong bond with Americans. New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes have become increasingly popular among American travelers, who are often greeted by friendly locals eager to share the beauty and culture of their homeland.

6. Poland

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Poland and the U.S. have had a robust relationship for decades, fortified by mutual support during pivotal moments in history. When Americans visit Poland, they often find an appreciation for the U.S.’s role during the Cold War and a genuine interest in American culture.

7. Greece

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Despite economic struggles, the Greek spirit remains unbroken, with hospitality being one of its cornerstones. The mutual love for festivity, food, and family draws parallels between Greek and American cultures. Americans in Greece are often treated to a display of affection, warmth, and generosity that’s hard to rival.

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