Survival Activities For Team Building: 7 Cool Ideas

The survival activities for team building I’ve shared in this guide aren’t about survival of the fittest. They’re, instead, about ‘survival’ for teams that best demonstrate collaborative problem-solving abilities.

There, their ‘survival’ chances will rely on their ability to not only communicate with each other, but also rank their priorities and salvaged items.

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Survival Activities For Team Building: 7 Cool Ideas

Wild Food Preparation

Catching and hunting down food is one thing, but learning how to cook and prepare it is just as essential.

Faraway Kingdom

In my last job, our boss introduced a team game called the Faraway Kingdom. We played it at one of our conferences, and the game is designed to teach people the importance of teamwork.

Stretcher Race

In this survival activity or team building, assume a member of the team or crew has been injured and immobilized.

The Lifeboat Game

This game and survival activity is all about encouraging your team members to make complex moral decisions together until they reach a consensus.