“The Palestinians Are Lying” – 9 Reasons Not to Trust Biden

Navigating through the maze of information and disinformation in times of conflict is a formidable task. When it comes to the Israel-Palestine conflict, the challenge becomes even steeper. President Joe Biden’s recent comments regarding the credibility of the casualty numbers reported in Gaza have stirred significant controversy. But his mistakes during presidency stretch far beyond just how he’s dealt with the Israel-Palestine conflict. Let’s delve into nine reasons why skepticism looms around Biden and why you shouldn’t trust him.

Questioning the Credibility of Palestinian Casualty Numbers

Tel Aviv, Israel - OCT 19, 2023 - Israeli civilians gathered in solidarity for ceasefire between Israel and Gaza, holding banners for the missing and kidnapped Israeli people, Kaplan Street, Tel Aviv.
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In a recent interaction, President Biden expressed doubt regarding the authenticity of the casualty numbers presented by the Palestinians. He seemed to undermine the severity of the situation by suggesting a possibility of manipulated figures, igniting questions regarding the actual scale of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Causing Massive Inflation

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The decision to order massive money printing during the COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed rampant inflation. The unchecked release of currency has left the economy grappling with inflated prices and economic uncertainty.

Causing Huge Immigration Problems

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Biden’s presidency has witnessed unprecedented illegal border crossings. Official records indicate staggering numbers, highlighting a significant immigration challenge that seems to have surged since Biden took office.

Taking on Huge Debt for America

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Under Biden’s watch, the national debt has ballooned to alarming levels, reflecting a precarious economic trajectory. The administration’s willingness to further deepen the debt abyss, as seen in various proposed programs, rings alarm bells.

Pushing a Woke Agenda

Woke justice and socially conscious or consciousness awareness of society and identity politics or being aware of equal justice as a group of people icons awakening to a new world of fairness in a 3D illustration style.
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A discernible shift towards promoting a woke agenda, prioritizing diversity and inclusion, seems to pervade the bureaucratic operations, raising questions about the broader implications of such a direction in government practices and policies.

Involved with a Scandal with Obama

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Recent revelations involving classified documents from Biden’s vice-presidential tenure under Barack Obama have stirred the waters of controversy, casting shadows on the integrity of the administration.

Constant Hating on America

Make America Great Again
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Rhetoric emanating from the President, often tinged with divisiveness and a portrayal of his opponents as threats to democracy and national values, paints a concerning picture of the nation’s leadership.

Causing Energy Prices to Surge

Gas prices
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The shift in energy policies has seen a retreat from energy dominance, with rising energy prices and a reliance on foreign oil marking a stark contrast to the previous administration’s approach.

Depriving Americans of Gas

Gas burner
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A seemingly aggressive stance against gas appliances, championed by bureaucratic entities, threatens to strip Americans of essential utilities, adding to the uncertainties faced by ordinary citizens navigating the administration’s policies.

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