Liberal Breakdown: The 10 Most Corrupt States in America

Corruption knows no party lines, and it’s a blight that can tarnish the reputation of any state. But there seems to be a particular breakdown when we look at states traditionally under liberal leadership. Here are the ten states that have made headlines for the wrong reasons, plagued by corruption that undermines the fabric of good governance.

New York: A Legacy of Scandals

Times Square New York City
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New York, a state with a storied history of backroom deals and political patronage, continues to struggle with corruption at various levels of government. From the infamous Tammany Hall to recent convictions of state lawmakers, the Empire State has its work cut out to clean up its act.

California: The Golden State of Bribes

San Francisco, California
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The sunny façade of California is darkened by its share of corruption scandals. With cases of bribery and public funds mismanagement, the state’s political landscape has often been clouded by questions and controversies.

Illinois: Politics Tainted

Chicago, Illinois
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Illinois, particularly Chicago, has become almost synonymous with political corruption. A lineup of governors facing prison time and widespread graft within city politics highlights a dire need for reform in the Prairie State.

Florida: Sunshine State Shadows

Miami, Florida
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Despite its allure as a tourist destination, Florida’s government has not been immune to the dark cloud of corruption, with numerous officials facing charges ranging from fraud to money laundering.

Pennsylvania: History of Dishonesty

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Pennsylvania’s political arena has been marred by corruption, from the statehouse to small-town councils. Scandals have encompassed everything from pay-to-play politics to unethical use of public resources.

Texas: Big Money, Big Scandals

Austin Texas
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Texas’s grandeur is matched by the size of its corruption cases, involving misappropriation of funds, bribery, and controversial ties between politics and business.

Ohio: The Heartland of Scandal

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Ohio’s heart may be in the right place, but its political hands have been caught in the cookie jar too many times, with significant public corruption cases sullying the state’s reputation.

New Jersey: The Crossroads of Corruption

New Jersey
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New Jersey has long been at the crossroads of corruption, with numerous officials over the years facing charges that question the integrity of its leadership.

Louisiana: The Bayou of Bribery

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Louisiana’s rich culture is unfortunately accompanied by a history of political corruption that’s as deep and winding as the Mississippi River.

Virginia: Old Dominion, Old Habits

Richmond, Virginia
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Virginia, steeped in history, has not been able to escape the modern trappings of corruption, with various instances of malfeasance reaching into the highest levels of state politics.

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