9 Surprising Habits That Mean You’re More Affluent Than You Think

We often associate the wealthy with extravagant habits and luxuries that seem far removed from the everyday lives of the middle class. However, there are subtler habits and lifestyle choices typical of the comfortably affluent—those who might not be extravagantly rich but do enjoy a level of comfort and financial stability above the average. Here are nine habits that might indicate you’re living a more affluent lifestyle than you think, revealing a world where comfort meets modest luxury.

Regular Dining Out

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If you find yourself frequently opting for restaurant meals over home-cooked ones, it might be a sign of disposable income and a comfortable lifestyle, often associated with those who are more affluent.

Subscribing to Multiple Streaming Services

Streaming service
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Having subscriptions to several streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO indicates a willingness and ability to spend on entertainment, hinting at financial comfort.

Owning a Latest-Model Smartphone

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Regularly upgrading to the newest phone models suggests a level of financial ease and a priority placed on staying current with technology.

Taking Annual Vacations

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The ability to afford yearly trips, whether domestic or international, is often a sign of financial stability and comfort, allowing for relaxation and leisure time away from the daily grind.

Investing in Quality Footwear and Clothing

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Choosing quality over quantity when it comes to clothing and shoes can be a sign of a more affluent lifestyle, valuing long-lasting and well-made items over cheaper, disposable alternatives.

Having a Well-Maintained Yard or Garden

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Investing time and resources in maintaining a beautiful yard or garden suggests a pride in home ownership and the financial means to care for one’s property.

Maintaining a Regular Fitness Regime

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Affording a gym membership or engaging in regular fitness activities often indicates a level of disposable income and a value placed on health and wellness.

Purchasing Organic or Specialty Foods

Organic food
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Regularly buying organic, specialty, or gourmet foods can be a sign of a more comfortable lifestyle and a willingness to spend more on healthier or high-quality food options.

Having a Financial Advisor

Financial advisory
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Employing a financial advisor to manage your finances and investments is often a habit of those with the means to invest and plan for the future, indicative of financial security.

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