7 Ways to Know You’re a Good Christian

Embarking on the spiritual journey of Christianity is not solely about religious rituals or proclaiming one’s faith in God. It involves a transformative process, embodying the principles and virtues that Jesus Christ exemplified. A deep-rooted relationship with God, sincere care for others, continuous spiritual growth, and an unwavering commitment to righteous living are the hallmarks of a good Christian. Below are seven ways to discern whether you’re genuinely embracing and walking the Christian path:

Living According to Biblical Principles

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True Christians earnestly seek to align their lives with the teachings and commandments found in the scriptures. This is not restricted to knowing biblical texts but also involves applying these principles daily, guiding moral decisions, shaping character, and influencing how one interacts with others and the world.

Showing Love and Compassion to Others

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A genuine Christian manifests Christ’s love and compassion. They are often found extending a hand of help, showing empathy, and embodying kindness, even when it might be challenging. It’s not only about loving the lovable but also expressing care and understanding towards those who are difficult to love.

Regular Participation in Church Activities

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Active participation in a spiritual community is vital. Regular attendance at church services, involvement in Bible studies, and engagement in church outreach programs and activities are signs of a committed Christian who seeks communal spiritual growth and fellowship.

Consistent Prayer Life

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Prayer is the lifeline of a Christian’s relationship with God. A consistent prayer life marked by moments of gratitude, supplication, intercession, and quiet reflection on God’s word is indicative of a vibrant and enduring faith.

Engagement in Acts of Service

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Christian life is characterized by servitude and selflessness. Good Christians often find themselves participating in or initiating acts of service, contributing their resources, talents, and time towards helping others, and fulfilling the needs of their community and church.

Displaying the Fruit of the Spirit

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A life adorned with the fruits of the Spirit, such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, is a testament to a heart that is in sync with God’s Spirit. These virtues become the natural responses and attitudes displayed in a believer’s life.

Regular Study and Application of the Scriptures

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Dedication to the regular study, meditation, and application of the scriptures is crucial. A good Christian doesn’t just read the Bible but allows it to permeate and influence every aspect of their lives, ensuring that God’s word becomes a lamp unto their feet and a light unto their path

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