10 Countries With Worse Gun Laws Than the US

The debate over gun control is a global issue, with varied approaches to regulation and enforcement. While the United States often faces criticism for its gun laws and the high rates of gun violence, there are countries with even less restrictive regulations. Here’s a look at five countries where gun laws are notably more lenient than in the US, contributing to a different set of challenges and societal attitudes towards firearms.


Street scene in central sanaa in Yemen
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A Culture Embedded With Gun Ownership

Yemen has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world, second only to the United States. There is a deeply ingrained gun culture with few restrictions on ownership. The ongoing conflict and political instability have led to an almost unregulated environment for firearms.


Mogadishu, Somalia
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The Impact of Long-Term Conflict

In Somalia, decades of civil war have flooded the country with firearms. The absence of a central government for many years created a situation where there was little to no regulation on gun possession, contributing to the country’s challenging security issues.


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Arms Availability in a War-Torn Nation

In Afghanistan, years of conflict and the Taliban’s varying degrees of control over the country have resulted in widespread gun ownership. Regulation varies widely across regions, and in many places, there is effectively no gun control due to the security situation.


Karachi Main Railway Cantonment Station Picturesque View with Passing People and Rickshaws on a Cloudy Day, Pakistan
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Loose Regulations Amidst High Demand

Pakistan faces significant challenges in enforcing gun control. There is a high demand for firearms for personal security, and despite efforts to regulate gun ownership, there is a thriving black market for weapons. This makes the actual situation on the ground far less regulated than the official laws might suggest.

The Philippines

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Mixed Enforcement and Vigilantism

The Philippines has a complex relationship with guns. While there are laws in place that regulate ownership and require permits, enforcement is inconsistent. The recent history of state-encouraged vigilantism under certain administrations has further complicated the landscape of gun regulation.


Silhouette of muslim militant with rifle Libya
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The Aftermath of Revolution

Libya has faced a significant proliferation of arms since the revolution in 2011. With numerous militias operating across the country and a central authority that has struggled to impose its will, gun control is almost non-existent. Firearms are easily accessible and common in many households, a situation that has further destabilized the region.


Nineveh, Iraq
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Conflict and Loose Arms Control

Similar to other countries on this list, Iraq has been severely impacted by war and conflict, which has led to a widespread dispersion of firearms among the civilian population. Efforts to implement gun control have been undermined by continuous conflict, making regulation enforcement difficult and often impossible.

South Sudan

South Sudan
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A New Nation Struggling with Regulation

As the world’s youngest nation, South Sudan has been marred by civil war since its inception. The resulting lack of a stable government has made it difficult to enforce any kind of gun laws, leading to a society where firearms are commonly used in tribal and political conflicts.


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Civil War and the Free Flow of Weapons

The ongoing civil war in Syria has seen an influx of weapons into the country. Control over these arms is fragmented among various factions and the official government, resulting in a complex patchwork of regulations that are often ignored or unenforceable.

Central African Republic (CAR)

Cute African in the blue dress looked back, going on the market (Bomassa, Congo Republic)
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An Environment of Instability

In the Central African Republic, years of political turmoil and conflict have left the country with little to no effective regulation on gun ownership. The wide availability of weapons has exacerbated violence and instability, making it one of the most challenging environments for implementing gun control.

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