10 Childish Foods That President Joe Biden Eats for Dinner

In the midst of global turbulence and monumental decisions, one might assume the President of the United States to partake in equally monumental and sophisticated meals to end his days. Imaginations may wander to luxurious state dinners or at least something worthy of a world leader. Yet, the culinary preferences of President Joe Biden seem to tell a different, somewhat bemusing tale. A recent revelation from an online source unveils the President’s dinner menu, and it’s astonishingly…childish. Brace yourself as we delve into the unconventional and whimsically juvenile dietary choices of the leader of the free world.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Peanut butter and jelly
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A timeless classic, undoubtedly—but for the President of the United States? It seems that the elementary delight of a PB&J still captures the president’s taste buds, accompanying him into the Oval Office.


BLT sandwich
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Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches make the list as well. A simple, yet tasty choice, but perhaps not the majestic feast one might expect to grace the presidential dinner table.


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Well, who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza? But as a regular part of the President’s dining, it somehow seems a bit too casual and reminiscent of a teenager’s go-to meal.


Cookies and milk
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Cookies for dinner? It appears that the presidential sweet tooth plays a role in Biden’s diet, allowing for a whimsical, dessert-like indulgence to conclude the day.

Spaghetti with Butter and Red Sauce

Spaghetti red sauce
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A somewhat basic, comfort-food-style approach to pasta, this dish seems more fitting for a child’s palate than a head of state’s sophisticated menu.

Ice Cream

Ice cream
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Not just as a dessert, but sometimes transforming into a full sundae spectacle, ice cream appears to be a firm favorite. Perhaps a cherry on top of a rather unconventional presidential menu.


ice cream sundae
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Taking his ice cream game a notch higher, Biden occasionally indulges in a proper sundae. It’s a playful and indulgent choice, mirroring the simpler joys of childhood meals.

Philly Cheesesteak

A delicious oven bake steak and cheese submarine sandwich with mushrooms, green peppers, and onion.
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The streets of Philadelphia might beam with pride knowing their iconic cheesesteak has a place on the President’s plate. A delightful mishmash of thinly sliced steak and melted cheese, cocooned within a crusty roll, this sandwich isn’t exactly what you’d imagine as a presidential meal. It’s hearty, it’s messy, and it’s utterly delicious—perhaps not quite fitting the formal White House dining setting, but evidently, it aligns with President Biden’s culinary comforts.

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken parmesan
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Taking another detour through the classics of comfort cuisine, the Chicken Parmesan finds its way into the presidential diet. Breaded chicken generously showered with marinara and a blanket of melted cheese—it’s a dish that radiates warmth and homeliness. However, it’s also another choice that leans more toward familiarity and comfort rather than the refinement one might associate with the leader of the free world.

Orange Gatorade

Orange gatorade powerade sports drink
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Here’s a twist. The presidential beverage of choice, it seems, is none other than the vibrant and sporty Orange Gatorade. A surprising pop of color and energy in the list, this choice marks a departure from the elegance of wine or the seriousness of coffee. Gatorade’s orange variant is typically associated with hydration during physical activity—but in the context of the presidential menu, it presents a quirky and informal touch.

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